5 Tips for Choosing and Apply the Right Eyeshadow

5 Tips for Choosing and Apply the Right Eyeshadow

Choosing the right color eyeshadow is important thing that looked interesting appearance.

You may want to create a dramatic smokey eye to events in the evenings, but at other times you want to look more natural in daylight.

How to Apply the right eyeshadow also depend on your eyes color.

You must use contrasting colors to make eyes look more prominent.

In addition, the eyeshadow is also divided into several types and forms. You can choose eyeshadow powder, cream, or stick eyeshadow.

Tips to Choosing the right eyeshadow

Here are tips that can help you in choosing and apply the right eyeshadow:

1. Trying eyeshadow before buying it. 

Try eyeshadow is the best way to find out what colors are right for you.

Most of large department stores have cosmetic counters where you can try the tester to see which products are most suitable.

The clerk at the counter cosmetics normally will also help provide advice for you.

2. Call the seller or sales of make-up that can receive calls from home.

There are many companies that have sales representatives who want to come to your home.

Sales will demonstrate cosmetic products and will allow you to try it. You can also ask for advice from them.

3. Choose the shape and type of eyeshadow that you want.

Powder eyeshadow will make you look soft and natural. However, you need a small and delicate brush or a sponge-tip applicator for use.

Stick eyeshadow provide more appropriate coverage of the eyelids. You can also use other types of eyeshadow, just choose which best suits to your needs.

4. Choose the color of eyeshadow.

Choose the medium color of eyeshadow, not too bright and not too dark for everyday use.

Neutral colors such as dark gray, beigi, brown, and gray is the color that is suitable for almost any eyes color.

To make it look more dramatic, try using metallic colors which are ideal for small eyes. The eyes will look bigger with metallic or gold eyeshadow.

To make brown eyes look more brown, use a light blue eyeshadow.

5. Trick to apply eyeshadow.

Apply dark eyeshadow just above the eyelid crease when you want to reduce the concave impression on the eye.

You can apply white or ivory color eyeshadow just below the brow to create the effect of the impressed wide eyes. [Beauty Tips]
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